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We consider it time well-spent. There are no shortcuts to achieving affordable luxury. We believe in quality craftsmanship, comfort and durability over speed. This commitment to quality represents the core values established by our founders more than 150 years ago.

Why Choose Eastman House?

Attention to Detail

Our artisans employ time-tested methods in the art of mattress making.

Luxurious Design

Our mattresses are designed to express luxurious comfort at an affordable price.


Eastman House represents over 150 years of mattress making tradition.

The Eastman House Sovereign Mattress

See What's Inside


Mattress Cover

Fabric with reactive fibers that provide conforming properties.


Comfort Layers

EH Latex
Advanced pressure relief layers that produce a wide variety of firmnesses to cover a full spectrum of comfort from (ultra-plush to extra firm).

Cen Gel™
Center third lumbar gel panel that supplies spinal comfort.


Support Layers

VRD Foam™
Foam with variable densities that provide differentiated comfort and support.


Mattress Core

DVS Support System™
Support system featuring two highly durable performance steel coil units.
The top unit is the Comfor Tek™ which features individually-wrapped coils for maximum support. The lower unit is our EH Coil System™ featuring open-end coils.

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