Uinta Mattress is proud to launch, Sweet Dreams!

It's not a mattress and it's not a sales program.

It's our way of giving back and filling the gap for a distinct need in our community.

Download our Sweet Dreams Coloring page

Beginning in January 2022, Uinta Mattress will donate a portion of every mattress sale to support reading and literacy through nonprofit organizations in the communities where Uinta Mattress is sold.

This means books! Lots of books!

Reading is an essential part of childhood development.

It is also an important bedtime ritual and routine for many.

However, we know that many families in our own neighborhoods don't have books at home.

According to Reach Out and Read, studies show that reading aloud to children

  • Improves language ability in young children.
  • Creates positive childhood experiences which could result in preventing childhood toxic stress.
  • Reduces maternal depression in young, single mothers.
  • Increases development of regions of the brain associated with learning to read and higher thinking processes.

Uinta Mattress echoes these ideas with the Sweet Dreams Reading Program and will focus on donating brand new, developmentally, and language-appropriate books to partner nonprofits in our community.

Every purchase made through one of our retailer partners will support Sweet Dreams.

It is our own dream that families of all shapes and sizes and from all backgrounds can create happy, healthy memories by sharing bedtime stories together.