Our Values

Uinta Mattress's core values are the guiding principles that shape the direction of our business. We are an independent mattress manufacturer specializing in the investment of your sleep experience. With our high standard of service, workmanship, and professionalism, we provide a superior alternative to the major brands, with an emphasis on supporting our community.

Uinta Mattress is committed to quality sleep products. We seek out the best materials and equipment to create exceptional mattresses. Uinta is also committed to building relationships with the retailers that carry our brands.

Our employees are the heart of our work, and we take great pride in the products that leave our facility and meet the customer. Locally owned and operated since 1984, our company is more than simply a business. It is the result of nearly 40 years of expert care and dedication. It is a place where teamwork is first and foremost in our decision making.

Uinta Mattress began in 1984 under the name Diamond Mattress. It began as a family-operated company and remains that way today, in 2023. Although the family lines have shifted, the Northstrom family proudly carries on the tradition of family through Uinta's retail relationships and the newly formed Sweet Dreams Reading Program. It is our responsibility to leave things better than we found them and achieve growth through teamwork.

In all we do, Uinta Mattress maintains a service mindset. It is our responsibility to be mindful of the community where we live and work. It is also our responsibility to take ownership of the company that we have acquired. Our brands reflect the unique culture and geographic location of our factory. We pride ourselves on the strengths of our environment and the expertise of our employees.